Assessment & Development

Our Assessment and Development centers are the incubators for discovering and nurturing talent, and allowing that talent to flourish.We thoroughly examine individual skills, competencies and growth potential.

Where do we excel? With a powerful mix of assessments, challenging exercises and engaging simulations, we paint a comprehensive picture of individual strengths and areas of development.

How do we achieve that? We create realistic work situations in which we observe how people deal with challenges, collaborate and make decisions under pressure. Our programs cover thoughtful activities, including role-plays, analysis and presentation exercises, and planning and organizational activities.

How do we provide feedback? To our client, we offer a detailed report advising of a potential new employee's suitability for an existing position, including recommendations for onboarding and development tips to take the candidate to the desired level.

And the candidate?  We also provide extensive feedback to the candidate and elaborate on strenghts and opportunities for growth. 


How we operate


The combination of exercises is being prepared in consultation with the customer.

  • Role play
  • Analysis and presentation exercise
  • Customized development plans 
  • Mailbox exercises
  • Personality questionnaire
  • Reasoning tests
  • In-depth interview


    The formula is being determined in consultation with the customer

    • Second opinion
    • Half a day assessment center
    • Full day assessment center
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    Suzanne Fonck - Senior Consultant

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