Staffing as you ment it



MenT is an executive search firm that has been helping companies fill their key positions since 2001. In doing so, we start from a profound understanding of our client's DNA, a solid methodology and a large network. We represent a warm, personal and differentiated approach. 

Executive search

In a knowledge-based society, the success of an organization hinges on getting and keeping the right people on board. A recruitment has a huge impact on your organization. The enormous cost of making the wrong hiring decision means that as a company you should not take recruitment and selection lightly. 

Searching and finding a suitable profile is a profession, like running a business, implementing a modern HR policy or inventing a new process or product. 

assessment & development

Have you selected some candidates yourself, but need a second opinion? Do you want to be able to continue coaching a candidate in his or her future career based on a clear competency analysis? Would you like to know the potential of your current employees? Do you want to get more out of your people? In all of these situations, an objective assessment is necessary. 


Assessment or development centers offer an answer to several questions;

Spontaneous application