Executive Search

Where do we excel?

Filling key positions within logistics, port, construction, industry, banking, government and healthcare, among others; Sounds cliché, but we make it happen with over 22 years of seasoned experience. 

 What makes us different?

A solid methodology and network of which we are proud. Our basic premise? A deep understanding of our customer and the searched profile. From there, we decisively and proactively survey the market. 

 What is our strength?

Not only identifying, but especially encouraging top candidates in a thoughtful and authentic way. As our client's ambassador, we approach them with discretion and professionalism.




How we operate

1. Intake Interview

It all starts with a good insight into the searched profile and a proper understanding of your organization's structure and DNA. We make time to really get to know our customer. 

Because of our consultants' years of experience, we not only quickly understand what you are looking for, but also dare to challenge you. 

2. Target list & longlist

As a generalist, we have worked in nearly all sectors since 2001. We have a very extensive network, as well as the tools and know-how to identify companies and candidates very quickly.

3.Screening by phone

Our research consultants are trained in telephone screenings. They discretely and professionally gauge the experience, ambition and expectations of candidates and match them with the job profile you are looking for.

4. Interview &Reporting

After an extensive in-depth interview with the candidates, we will send you a clear report on the retained candidates.

5. Presentation shortlist

The most valid candidates are scheduled with you for an interview, standard in the presence of our consultant. Throughout the process, we remain a reliable sparring partner both for you and for the candidate.


An adequate follow-up is an essential part of our process. Even after start-up, we maintain the relationship with you and the selected candidate.

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Tim De Pauw - Managing Partner


Contact us for more information
Nathalie Holtof- Associate Partner